Vampire Facelift

Do you want to improve your skin tone, hydration, texture and stimulate the growth of younger tissue?  The combination of your own platelet healing factory placed with hyaluronic acid into your tissues stimulates new collagen for younger-looking skin.

Problems treated

Due to the loss of bone and soft tissues, our faces tend to shrink. Unfortunately, our skin texture becomes less smooth, however, The Vampire Facelift® can help with these concerns. 


The Vampire Facelift addresses the following 4 signs of ageing:


  • Grey skin colour due to reduced blood flow
  • Facial sagging related to loss of fat, muscle and collagen
  • Roughening skin texture with an increase in fine lines & pores
  • Poor skin hydration.

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Vampire Facelift

$ 1995

This is a unique investment in the future of your youthfulness.


A pre-treatment consultation and skin analysis with the nurses costs $75 and is credited to your account if you proceed with the treatment. 


Terms and Conditions

3 Step Procedure

  • Hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected in a specific way to sculpt a more youthful but natural-appearing face 

  • We draw out two teaspoons of your blood and specifically prepare to extract and activate the platelets, which extrude multiple growth factors ( Platelet Rich Plasma) when injected into your tissues


  • Using numbing cream and a very small needle and a specific micro-needling technique, your own growth factors are injected back into your face in a particular way.

Vampire Facelift FAQ's

How long do the results last for?

Results may vary between different individuals but usually can be seen and experienced within the same day. The great thing about this procedure is that it will last you months after the procedure, and results may even last for over a year. 


What happens with the growth factors?

These growth factors then activate your multipotent stem cells within your skin to stimulate younger-looking tissues.


How long does the procedure take? 

You will first need a consultation and on a separate day then have your treatment. The treatment itself will take roughly 90 minutes and well worth your time. 

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