About us

Our Story

Dr Frances Pitsilis launched  Skinfresh™ in 2003. Not long after, she learnt much more about preventing Ageing and Chronic Illness from the inside.


This unique clinic has been helping clients with Chronic and difficult health problems as well as helping people with cosmetic concerns for many years with some clients coming from all over New Zealand and overseas.


As the technologies on both sides of the clinic evolved, it became clear that breakthrough Cosmetic research could also be applied to Chronic Illness in some cases and vice versa. 


So the Regenerative Medicine Institute was formed to deliver the leading edge treatments that straddle both sides of the clinic.



Our Principles

Our Principles and Standards stem from the strongest Professional Standards that come from the Medical, Pharmacy and Nursing professions.


We strive to provide the safest and most supportive environment for our clients Any treatments we administer are founded in scientific evidence.


Our expert team consists of:


  • Dr Frances Pitsilis
  • Experienced Cosmetic Nurse Practitioners
  • Nutritional Nurse Practitioners
  • Integrative Medicine and Anti-Ageing  Pharmacist

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Meet our team

Fiona Conroy Headshot

Fiona Conroy

Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Fiona is a registered comprehensive nurse who has worked as a surgical nurse in acute surgery, her passion having been men's urology and women's Health.

She then went on to post graduate education in advanced nursing, advanced assessment and biomedical science, which gave her the background to progress into education in two part-time positions as Surgical nurse Educator and Clinical Coach at Waitemata health.

In these positions she worked alongside staff to educate and support them to manage the care of patients in medical, surgical, bariatric, urology and Women's Health. Fiona still works part-time as a Clinical Coach trouble shooting throughout the Hospital.

Fiona has always encompassed holistic care in her practice. She found herself drawn to the balance and principles of Integrated medicine and feels that when inner balance is restored this can be complimented by Appearance medicine to make you feel fantastic from the inside - out.

She takes pride in her work and goes that extra mile to make her clients feel relaxed and special. She is excited that she now has appearance medicine in her portfolio and being part of such a dynamic team.

In her spare time she says her work/life sanity is restored through love and laughter, with her partner, family, grand-children and friends. She loves movies and says she can go to three movies in one day, ice-creams included.

Other special things in her life are colour, clothes and retail therapy, live bands, boogie, tap, jazz, belly dancing, wine and chocolate. Her motto is that a warm smile goes a long way!


Rebecca Harris

Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Rebecca is a senior registered nurse with over 20yrs experience in a variety of clinical settings. She values the holistic approach to appearance medicine, involving both the internal and external health.

Rebecca has a calm and friendly manner and is dedicated to achieving the best results for her clients.