Medical consult with Dr Frances Pitsilis

If you would like to see Dr Pitsilis please read all of the information below, download the 3 forms at the very bottom of this page fill them in and return them - send us an email.


Dr Frances Pitsilis sees patients with chronic illnesses from all over New Zealand and overseas by combining traditional medicine with evidence based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine 


Consulting with Dr Frances Pitsilis

Please read the following information carefully before you commit to your first consultation.


  • Unlike her GP colleagues, Dr Pitsilis does not receive general practitioner PHO government funding and needs to charge for her time and business costs.
  • Health insurance companies reimburse her consultations as per the GP rate. So you will need to fund the rest of the consultation yourself if you are insured.
  • You will pay $15 per prescription at the chemist.
  • Her hourly rate for a one hour consultation is $420.00 including GST
  • You are likely to have to buy some natural supplements along with any prescriptions she gives you.

What is Integrative, functional and holistic Medicine? 

Consultation Types and Fees

Keep your family doctor  for your everyday health problems and health screening. Dr Pitsilis usually writes to your doctor.


The first visit is two hours long, along with a specific rate ($930 + $70 admin fee*). This, along with the pre visit administration and preparation is designed to save time and money and achieve faster results. Patients have many problems - this 2 hours is required to diagnose and make a treatment plan.


Some will be advised to first see the Nutritional Nurse practitioner (60 minutes) for dietary advice and a head start on a few supplements prescribed by Dr Pitsilis - no extra cost. If this is the case, Dr PItsilis' visit will then be 90 minutes long a few weeks later. All subsequent visits will be with Dr Pitsilis


Deposit of $450 (non-refundable research, review and administration fee).

Second visit is usually 45 minutes long and will cost $330.

Subsequent visits will usually, but not always, last 30 minutes and cost $240 incl GST


Further consultations are determined by your progress and needs. The aim is for you to ultimately then see her for yearly maintenance consultations if necessary

What is the best diet? 


If you are uncertain, or wish to ask if your condition might be helped by Dr Frances Pitsilis, you can contact us

Email us at 


Pre-Visit Preparation and Administration

The staff obtain old blood results so that these are not duplicated.
You fill in an initial brief questionnaire that Dr Pitsilis reads to get an initial idea of your problems. Your appointment date is only made on this form being returned and your deposit is paid. 

Dr Pitsilis will then order any extra tests required.

The deposit, which includes the $70 administration fee is $450 incl GST.  The administration fee covers the 1 ½-2 hours of preparations taken by Dr Pitsilis and the staff so that when you arrive for your first visit, all the information is ready and at hand. This is designed to save time and money and achieve faster results.


You are then emailed / posted more questionnaires that you can send back or bring with you to the visit along with other information and results.


The treatment of Chronic Illness


Common problems seen

SKIN PROBLEMS - Acne – teenage and adult see also Skinfresh
Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Lichen Planus, other rashes

HAIR LOSS - Men and Women 


ASTHMA AND ALLERGY - Hay fever, Sinus problems, Vernal Conjunctivitis, Mast cell activation, food and environmental sensitivities. 


GUT AND BOWEL PROBLEMS-Irritable bowel syndrome, Constipation, Coeliac disease, Inflammatory bowel disease – Crohns disease, Ulcerative colitis


AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES - Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Ankylosis Spondylitis Etc 


HEART / BLOOD PRESSURE/ CHOLESTEROL - Coronary artery disease, hypertension, Heart failure


BRAIN - Memory problems, Traumatic Brain Injury


Nutrient Deficiency caused by Disease



Common problems continued

METABOLIC/ DIABETES / BONES - Diabetes type I and II, Obesity and weight problems, Osteoporosis

HORMONE PROBLEMS- Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Premenstrual syndrome, Endometriosis, Thyroid problems, Erectile dysfunction, Menopause and hormone problems – men and women

FATIGUE AND PAIN -including Fibromyalgia
Migraine, Chronic Fatigue, headache – Botulinum toxin can be used if appropriate.

STRESS AND MOOD PROBLEMS- Depression, Postnatal depression, Anxiety and burnt out syndrome, Sleep problems







Booking a consultation with Dr Frances Pitsilis

If you have read all the information above and would like to proceed with a medical consultation with Dr Frances Pitsilis, please download these three documents linked below:


Medical Information Questionnaire

Consent Form

Dietary Questionnaire 


Please fill in both of the questionnaires, read and initial each page of the consent document and sign the last page. 

Then return all 3 documents by scan to us to


If preferred, you can also post the documents to P.O Box 31572 Milford 0174 Auckland