Triple treat

Skinfresh has created the Triple Treat package, which is the ultimate tightening, rejuvenating ,collagen-producing pigment reducing treatment given via  3 strategic combination treatments


This treatment is the greatest combination for results in clients of any skin colour. It carries no or minimal recovery time

Triple Treat Package Right for You?

This treatment brings together 3 major skin treatments in one day to address your many skin concerns. 

Are you wondering if this package is right for you? Below are a few skin conditions you may be suffering from:

  • Skin texture and tightening 
  • Problems with pores and fine wrinkles 
  • Excessive pigmentation
  • Comfortable treatments with very little down time are important
  • Results required in short, medium-term with long term benefits.


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Triple Treat Package

$ 1995


This treatment is a life-term investment, including 3 treatments for the price of 2.  

Pay for a package of 3 Triple Treat treatments and receive a further discount.


Please contact the Clinic on to book this treatment


Terms and Conditions



These days everyone wants the best results quickly with no downtime or discomfort. We can now design this for you because for superior results it comes to combining more than one treatment to work on the skin effectively. 


Benefits which come from the Triple Treat include:


  • Skin tightening, collagen and texture is improved
  • Brown and red pigment is improved
  • Suitable for all skin complexions
  • Affordability - receive 3 treatments for a package price
  • Comfortable walk-in & walk-out treatment
  • Improvement in confidence and overall appearance.

Triple Treat Components

The Triple Treat consists of the following:


  • Titan

  • Laser Genesis

  • Vampire Facial Plus.


The process is as follows:


  • Have your Titan + Laser Genesis in the morning

  • Meet a friend for lunch

  • Return for the Vampire Facial Plus 

  • Shoot off home 

  • Following day, no signs of any treatment with availability to wear make-up.



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Special Features

There are many beneficial features to this package but a few special features that stand out include:

  • Titan & Laser Genesis - with no downtime

  • Vampire Facial Plus - skin is pink overnight but can be covered with makeup that same day or the day after.


The number of treatments and maintenance:

  • Number of triple treat treatments needed - 2-4 with the average being 2-3 to see great results

  • Maintenance - yearly Triple Treat + Laser Genesis every 6 months in between.

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Potential Results

You will be able to see visible results within 3-6 weeks and in some cases even earlier. Long-term results will start to be visible from the first visit and will keep improving several months down the line. 


Other benefits include:


  • Laser Genesis also helps with redness

  • Vampire Facial Plus also helps with red and brown pigmentation

  • Receive internal health advice from our nurses to further enhance your skin results.