Skin Rejuvenation Package

Skin fresh has created the rejuvenation package to give you what you have always wanted. Enjoy a treatment that is comfortable and requires no down-time. 



The Triple Treat Components

At Skinfresh we have called the skin rejuvenation package 'The Triple Treat' 


The components include:


  • Titan

  • Laser Genesis

  • Vampire Facial Plus.


The process includes:


  • Have your Titan + Laser Genesis in the morning

  • Meet a friend for lunch

  • Return for the Vampire Facial Plus 

  • The next day there are no signs of any treatment with normal makeup.



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Special Features

This skin rejuvenation package has special features, which include:


  • Titan + Laser Genesis - With no down-time 

  • Vampire Facial Plus - Your skin may be pink overnight and normal the next day, with the ability to wear make-up.


The number of treatments and maintenance required:


  • Number of triple treat treatments needed - 2-4 with the average being 2-3

  • Maintenance - yearly Triple Treat + Laser Genesis 6 monthly in between.

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Is This Treatment Right for You?

The Tripe Treat skin rejuvenation package brings together 3 major skin treatments all in one day to address your skin imperfections. 


This is the treatment for you if you have skin concerns, such as:

  • Skin texture and tightening are a major issue 

  • Problems with pores and fine wrinkles 

  • Excessive Pigmentation

  • Comfortable treatments with very little down-time are important

  • Results required in short, medium-term with long term benefits to come also.


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