Sore Vagina & Lichen Sclerosis

Young as well as ageing women can get sore vaginas that can be due to multiple causes. Often missed is Lichen sclerosis which causes severe itchiness and irritation of the genital area of both women and men but for the most part in women. Skinfresh takes a holistic approach by dealing with the underlying causes which may have beneficial effects.




Cause of Lichen Sclerosis of genitalia

As women age, 25% of women have this problem.


Its uncertain as to the causes and we know there are many contributors.


  • Genetic association
  • Age-related
  • Hormone-related - young girls or post-menopausal
  • Autoimmune related - up to 80% have antibodies to extracellular matrix protein, and many women have other autoimmune conditions 
  • Inflammation 


Sore vagina can be due to some of the above,  diet and hormonal imbalance, and infection. Treatment involves identifying the issues and correction them.


Treatment of Lichen Sclerosis

Traditional treatment is unsatisfactory and includes steroid creams. When the tissues become too scarred or painful, surgery may be helpful.


The holistic approach is to personalise all aspects of care to the clients unique biochemistry by following these principles..


Individualise diet and correct nutritional deficiencies

Restore Gut function and digestion

correct hormone deficiencies 


We have had some success with this protocol as well as using..

  • Laser Genesis® at low levels - called Low Level Laser therapy 
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy - The O-Shot® , for the tissues 


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General measures for Lichen Sclerosis

General Advice to help sufferers of this condition include:


  • Be gentle with tissues
  • Avoid soap
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Avoid riding bicycles or horses 
  • Use moisturisers as well as the steroid ointment 


If you know someone who is having difficulty with sexual intercourse or has a very irritated genital area, please make sure this person gets help and good diagnosis. 


Dr Charles Runels Video

Take a look at this video on Lichen Sclerosis and its treatment with Platelet Rich plasma by Dr Charles Runels. This treatment is part of our multi factor approach to this condition.