Profhilo® - Hydration, Regeneration and Glow

Profhilo is the most advanced injectable hyaluronic acid treatment that seriously hydrates the skin, regenerates collagen and elastin and stimulates fat stem cells.  Skin plumping, increased elasticity and tissue volume along with remodelling and increased glow for a fresher natural look. 


Profhilo is an indispensable foundation for skin anti ageing

Profhilo contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid available ( 64mg/2ml) and so it lends itself well to the following concerns .. 

  • Loss of skin hydration

  • Fine lines/ wrinkles

  • Skin laxity and poor texture

  • Dull skin tone 

Favourite areas to treat are...

  • Face and neck

  • Backs of hands 

  • Lines around the mouth 

  • Sagging arms, above knees - coming soon





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How Profhilo works

Collagen and elastin which form the structure of our skin starts to be lost with age, as does fat from our face. This causes thinner skin, fine lines and wrinkles, an loss of skin elasticity, volume and tone. 


Profhilo not only hydrates and stimulates collagen and elastin fibres but its the only injectable hyaluronic acid hydrating treatment that stimulates fat stem cells. 


Profhilo by its special nature, disperses evenly throughout the skin. By contrast, a dermal filler gives a localised effect only. 


Skinfresh nurses and Dr Frances Pitsilis focus on internal health with correction of biochemical, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies to deeply anti age your body as well as your skin. 




When to start, what is involved and how often?

Profhilo along with internal health measures contributes to future- proofing your skin and tackles the signs of ageing. Start around 30 - more or less. 


The treatment involves

  • Pre-treatment consultation
  • Similar preparation as a dermal filler treatment 
  • Around 10 minutes for a face and 15 minutes for neck
  • A small number of specially prescribed injection sites are treated
  • Aftercare similar to a dermal filler 


For best results, have two treatments one month apart with a top up around 6-9 months. ( lasts 6-12 months) 



What will I see and is it safe?

You will ultimately look natural, improved and fresh - not like you have had anything done. 


Week 1 : Smoother and plumper skin will start

Week 4: add fewer lines and more radiant looking skin, along with slight lift


Safety features

  • used in Europe and Uk for 5 years
  • Over one million treatments given
  • highly biocompatible because its made from ultra pure Hyaluronic acid which is stabilised by heat (not chemical linking agents) 
  • has won aesthetic awards
  • Specific injection points designed for high safety
  • We use Accuvein technology to check facial vessels first 



Side effects and who should not have it?

Side effects are similar to any injectable product and include... bruising, swelling, infection, allergic reaction, vascular compromise and nerve damage. Product at injection sites disperse within 24 hours. 


These side effects are minimised by the safe injection technique and our professional standards


Those who should not have Profhilo 

  • pregnant, breast feeding
  • allergic to Hyaluronic acid
  • immunocompromised
  • skin disease in area 

Caution with anticoagulant medicines and supplements 





Combination treatments with Profhilo

As is our general theme and advantage, we can combine various treatments with Profhilo to give better results...


Skin texture - Laser genesis, Dermapen4, Vampire facial, dermal fillers

Face shape/ lift - dermal fillers, various laser and light therapies

Skin colour and glow - internal health


Our nurses are trained to analyse your needs and design your individual programme




What is the cost?

One treatment costs $900 ( 2ml )

Two treatments cost $1600 ( 4 ml) - this is recommended for best results 


We have a weekly payment plan that means it costs around $30 per week. 


A FREE pre-treatment consultation should be booked before your treatment. 


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