Fungal Nail Therapy

Those with thickened finger or toenails that are distorted in shape an can be crumbly and ragged looking could have a fungal infection. This is a challenging condition to treat and only a specific, combination approach that we can provide gives the best chance of results. 


Combination approach to fungal nails

Fungal nails, more commonly on toenails, cause embarrassment and unhappiness. No single therapy is successful and only a combination approach will give the best results. 


After an initial assessment, the following must be done


  • Lab test for fungal growth
  • Trimming of nails if needed
  • UV Sanitation of shoes
  • Medicinal nail applications 
  • Drug therapy if needed 
  • Laser Therapy 


There are no quick fixes for this problem. This  programme will enhance results 



Fungal nail treatment programme

$ 1075


This is a comprehensive treatment programme involving a one hour management consultation and several treatment modalities including 3 laser treatments 


See one of our experienced nurses for a FREE consultation to advise your best options. 


Terms and Conditions

First Management Consultation

Your situation will be assessed 

  • A lab form is given to you to test for Fungal spores and to help eliminate other causes of abnormal nails
  • We enhance your bodes' natural immune system to achieve better results. 
  • Pre and post care is discussed
  • Nail surface treatment is commenced if needed
  • Advice about shoe sterilisation is given
  • Discussion and possible start on topical and medical treatment 
  • Information about Laser Genesis treatment is given 





Laser Genesis Treatment

We understand that in order for you to achieve superior results, it is most effective when treatments are combined - this is supported by medical research for Fungal nail infection 


Laser Genesis is supported by research. 

Not painful, but can get warm.

A walk - in walk - out treatment 

There are 3- 4 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart, along with your nail and possibly medication programme. Number of treatments are severity dependent. 


A review at 3-4 months - your success highly depends on your adherence to the programme. 



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