Rosacea cure programme

Skinfresh takes a holistic approach to this condition with the potential to cure it by focusing first on internal health, digestion and nutrition before using clinic-based treatments. 


What is Rosacea?

Rosacea manifests as a red rash across the cheeks and nose and is worsened by sun exposure, alcohol and diet. It affects adults and can generally be controlled by traditional medicine. 


Traditional medicine treats this condition with oral antibiotics long term, but holistic practitioners, such as Dr Pitsilis and her nurses understand the effect that the correct diet, keeping the gut and immune system balanced, supplementation, and helping digestion, has to give you the best chance of keeping this condition at bay with even potential to cure it.


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Comprehensive Skin Consultation

$ 75

This amount is credited when you have a treatment. Have the right treatment and invest in glowing looking skin.


Terms and Conditions

Skinfresh Rosacea Cure Programme

Investigation & Treatment Approach

When you come in for a consultation at Skinfresh to discuss your Rosacea, you first undertake a comprehensive nurse consultation. After your nurse consultation, if still needed, you will be offered an individualized combination of light-based and other treatments to help your skin recover further if needed.


The nurse consultation will include the following:

  • Visia® comprehensive skin analysis
  • Blood tests
  • Dietary and nutritional advice
  • Medical nutritional supplementation
  • Gut restoration
  • Specific skincare


Please note: Individual results may vary



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Skin & Health

Take the opportunity to find out what your imbalances are in the areas of digestion, gut health and biochemical imbalances that will have an effect on your skin and also have spin-offs in terms of your general health. Stop any triggers of rosacea and take a different approach and look forward to potentially different results. 


Triggers of rosacea can include:


  • Stress
  • Exposure to direct sunlight 
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Cigarettes 
  • Dairy products
  • Caffeine.




Internal & External Treatments

This skin condition, in particular, lends itself to combination therapy because there's not one thing that helps it but a combination of things that you need to begin with, such as:


  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Correction of gut health and digestion
  • Correction of nutritional and biochemical deficiencies
  • Clinic treatments noted below..... 





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