Melasma & pigmentation

Melasma consists of stubborn facial pigment and brown blotches. This condition can be psychologically distressing and very difficult to treat. Skinfresh takes a holistic approach to Melasma by focusing first on internal health.


What is Melasma & Our Approach

Melasma is unfortunately a common skin condition found in many adults. It is when light to dark brown or greyish pigmentation develop on your skin, specifically on or around the face.


Traditional medicine cannot treat this condition effectively, and a complete cure is not realistic. However, Dr Pitsilis and her nurses understand the effect that the correct diet, keeping the gut and immune system balanced, supplementation, and helping digestion, gives you the best chance of keeping this condition under the best control.




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Comprehensive Skin Analysis

$ 75


Our nurses first approach your skin health with nutrition so that any treatments you have with Skinfresh are fully optimised. 


Have a Comprehensive skin consultation, which includes nutritional support and you receive this credited back to your account when you have a treatment with us. 


Terms and Conditions


Investigation & Treatment

When you come in for a consultation with one of our experienced nurses to discuss your Melasma and stubborn pigmentation, you will first undertake a comprehensive skin analysis. Only after your skin analysis will you be offered an individualised combination of light-based and/or other treatments to help your skin recover further if needed.


The beginning process before any treatment follows as:


  • Visia comprehensive skin analysis
  • Blood testing
  • Dietary and nutritional advice
  • Medical nutritional supplementation
  • Gut restoration
  • Specific Skincare.

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Skin & Health Investment

Take the opportunity to find out what your imbalances are in the areas of digestion, gut health and biochemical imbalances that will have an effect on your skin and also have spin-offs in terms of your general health.


Take a different approach to your Melasma and stubborn pigmentation and look forward to potentially different results. 


Let the team at Skinfresh help you through this process to help guide you on how you can improve your internal health in order for any treatments to have immaculate results on your skin. 



The Power of Combined Treatments

This skin condition, in particular, lends itself to combination therapy because there is not one thing that helps it, but, a combination of treatments for superior results. 


A few other things to consider to help with Melasma and stubborn pigmentation include:


  • Healthy and well-balanced diet and lifestyle
  • Correction of gut health and digestion 
    Correction of nutritional and biochemical deficiencies
  • Clinic treatments. 

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