Neck lift protocol

Is your neck is too plump, or your skin around your neck too loose and wrinkly? Let us help you with your neck concerns. 




Problems Treated

Common neck concerns are expressed by our clients. At Skinfresh we are uniquely placed to be able to deal with many neck problems - non-surgically, comfortably and for any skin type. And we have called this procedure the Neck Lift Protocol.


We have a huge range of neck treatments that can be combined in numerous ways to best suit your needs.

We treat common concerns such


  • Loose wrinkly neck
  • Pigmented skin
  • Sagging neck
  • Double chin
  • Undefined jawline.

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Skinfresh have neck lift treatments come with various advantages. Most of the treatments we offer carry no downtime. Here are the many benefits of our treatments:

  • Comfortable treatments
  • Superior results when combinations are used
  • Most treatments can be used on any skin type
  • Packages attract a generous discount.


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Chin Up

If you're after a double chin reduction, your first choice would be TruSculpt 3D® which is a comfortable and versatile treatment using radiofrequency which is attracted to the fat.


Benefits of TruSculpt 3D:

  • Reduces the thickness of the skin 
  • Adds definition and enhances facial contours 
  • Tightens and eliminates sagging
  • Non-invasive treatment.



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Collagen, Tightening & Skin Thickness

To improve on collagen thickness and tightening neck skin, Skinfresh has the most non-surgical, walk-in and walk-out treatments available anywhere. 

Combined treatments include:

  • Titan®
  • Laser Genesis®
  • Dermapen4®
  • Vampire® Facial Plus
  • Dermal filler.

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Plasma BT Surgical Neck Lift Treatment

Plasma Surgical BT™ technology is well known as a treatment for under the eyes and for droopy eyelids. It can be used in many other applications including for the neck.

Please note: This specific treatment is not suitable for all skin types and may require some down-time. Please advise with one of our nurses at your free consultation.