Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating is a common, debilitating problem. Internal health issues can be addressed to help this problem. Cosmetic treatments can be helpful, such as, hair removal therapy or Botulinum Toxin injections.




Our Approach

Our approach is from the inside out, meaning, our clients must begin with their internal health before beginning any treatments externally. Find out if there are any internal health reasons for the excessive sweating with a nurse consultation.


Discuss all options available, including some of the following:


  • Chronic illness and stress
  • Hair removal therapy
  • Botulinum Toxin therapy
  • Referral to a specialist.


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ProWave Hair Removal Treatment

This treatment is a handpiece console which is intended for use in cosmetic applications requiring photo thermolysis. It is mostly used on our clients for removal of unwanted hair and permanent hair removal, which can be a tremendous help with excessive sweating. 


Because hair removal shrinks sweat glands while it is treating hair, this can be a very cost-effective method which can fix two problems at once. 


A few benefits which come from Cutera ProWave include:


  • Rapidly treats large areas

  • Safe and easy to use for our nurses

  • High-effective rate on patients

  • Effective with a wide range of skin types.

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Botulinum Toxin Injection

Botulinum Injections are used to treat various medical and cosmetic conditions. This treatment has been shown to be very effective for excessive sweating. Excessive sweating means people who suffer from soaking through their clothing or drip sweat even when it's not hot and regular antiperspirants don't work well for people with this condition.


Botulinum Toxin can help by blocking nerves responsible for activating your sweat glands. When your nerves can't signal to your sweat glands, you won't be excessively sweating, giving you several months of relief. 


This procedure is performed very comfortably with a local anaesthetic cream. For long-term results, you will need roughly three treatments from our experienced team at Skinfresh. 

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