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Skinfresh clinic helps clients with chronic and difficult health problems as well as any cosmetic or skin concerns since 2003

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Medical Dr onsite

Dr Frances drives a holistic approach towards medicine which is why Skinfresh clients' honour and trust her judgement.

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Experienced staff

Our expert nurses are highly trained and they care to support our clients' to achieve their best self in every way possible.

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Dr Frances Pitsilis

Dr Frances Pitsilis has been a doctor for over a 42 years. She is a highly trained doctor with a holistic and integrated medicine approach to non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

She is also a professional speaker and trainer access the media world in New Zealand. She brings her wealth of experience, research and extensive training to the clinic.

Dr Frances has been a General Practitioner and a Cosmetic doctor who also has an interest in Chronic Illness and consults as a second opinion doctor.

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Well Woman book coming soon !

After years of training, study, helping patients in the clinic and even in her TV series in 2012, Dr Frances Pitsilis has written a book just for you!


Learn about what you need to take to stay well, what you need to do to sleep well, think, function and stay stress free, and how to help your hormones along with ageing well.


This is a book for all ages.  To purchase or just look click here.

To view the 40-page reference, click here.

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Our Team

We have 3 highly experienced and trained nurses as well as a team of 4 'front of house' staff headed by our practice manager. Every staff member cares about supporting you to achieve your best self in every way that they can.


Are you interested in finding out how you can age gracefully - internally and externally?



 Take a look at our anti-ageing advice and treatments which can help you be the best version of yourself, whatever your age.
Find out our tips and tricks to younger, healthier, looking skin.


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