Acne Vulgaris, its medical name, is very common in young people and is considered a serious condition because of the effect it can have on self confidence and general health. 


Adult women can also develop acne as part of chronic medical problems or hormonal imbalance 



How does Acne affect the skin?

Nearly everyone gets Acne but in some it can persist. The features of Acne on the skin include...

Superficial skin effects

  • Open and closed comedones ( blackheads and whiteheads)
  • Papules ( small tender red bumps)
  • Pustules ( pale squeezable spots) 


Deeper skin effects

  • Nodules ( large, deep tender lumps)
  • Pseudocysts ( soft swellings in the skin) 


There are also areas of old healed spots and scarring that sen be secondary to the problems above.


Acne can be graded as mild, moderate or severe


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Why should you be concerned about persistent Acne?

When Acne persists and particularly if scarring of the skin starts to appear there should be concern about..

  • Your long term skin health 
  • Prevention of scarring
  • Importantly, your mental health and future confidence

Persistent Acne is a common cause of depression in young people.


Adult women with persistent Acne should consider underlying  medical and hormonal issues and seek a medical consultation with Dr Frances Pitsilis in case of...


  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Hypothyroid ( often overlooked cause of resistant Acne)
  • Premenstrual syndrome, hormone imbalance etc 


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The approach to dealing with Acne

Your first step is to see on of the Skinfresh nurses for a comprehensive skin analysis and discussion about your personal situation. 


  • During this visit the nurse will do the following...
  • Conduct a Visia skin analysis to document all your skin issues
  • Prescribe specific blood tests for you as prescribed by Dr Frances Pitsilis
  • Start a discussion about the approach to treatment which will start with internal health, nutrition, diet and the correction of any nutritional deficiencies.


If necessary, discussion about which clinic treatments and packages will reduce your acne +/- any scarring.


Adult women may have medical conditions complicating their situation that the nurses are specially trained to detect and treat, as needed, in consultation with Dr Frances Pitsilis.



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How Nutrition Plays a Part

Acne, in particular, lends itself to combination therapy because a combination of skin issues start with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy nutrition plan.


What to consider to help skin acne: 


  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Correction of gut health and digestion 
    Correction of nutritional and biochemical deficiencies
  • Balancing of hormones
  • Clinic treatments.
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